Airport queue at UK Borders and Immigration - Hampton Relocation Blog

It came as no surprise to me today that our prime minister rejected the proposed immigration points based system, citing “bigger picture” arguments and no doubt being heavily influenced by the recent Brexit negotiations on free movement of workers in the EU. In the year to December 2015, an estimated total of 630,000 “immigrants” arrived in the UK to stay for more than a year, including 270,000 from other parts of the EU.

However, my observations following the recent MAC advisory this year led me to think that the UK government does not really have the capability to collate information or the ability to understand and disseminate it in order to see where the actual skills shortages are to make entry by a points system fair and effective.

The solution is simple. Split UK immigration into “immigrants”; political asylum seekers, qualification through UK ancestral connections etc, and “skilled workers” i.e. through the Tier 1 or sponsored Tier 2 route, including those who are coming to the UK with specific skillsets which we are currently lacking and therefore need to remain competitive in the global market and prioritise accordingly.