Brexit and the Free Movement of People

An interesting article from Tsige Berhanu at Keystone Law outlining the implications of Brexit and the free movement of people within the EEA. Yes, its a political hot potato for Teresa May, but potentially our greatest bargaining chip in the ensuing debate on Great Britain's access to the Single Market. Do you know how many [...]

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Int. HR Strategy – People Analytics

I read an interesting article in International HR Advisor based on Deloitte's analysis demonstrating how technology is being used to help with international talent acquisition strategies. With the pace and complexity of business ever increasing, it is important for organisations to find new areas of growth, efficiency and competitiveness. For organisations with a global workforce, [...]

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Immigration: May rejects points-based system for EU nationals

It came as no surprise to me today that our prime minister rejected the proposed immigration points based system, citing “bigger picture” arguments and no doubt being heavily influenced by the recent Brexit negotiations on free movement of workers in the EU. In the year to December 2015, an estimated total of 630,000 “immigrants” arrived [...]

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